Christmas Poem by Naomi., UK

Artist Dusk Delacour, Berkeley, California

A Christmas tree

with lavish decoration,

But won’t be my day of


Because something I need,

a foundation is denied

without a spirit of


I just want to be

treated decent,

And I cannot believe

a disagreement

Would lead to this level of



A new achievement.

You have a long way

to atone, But I was hoping

we could postpone,

The problems that are

plain known,

Because this day feels like


How many of these remain?

That my sister can visit by train,

Before having her own family to sustain

And wide-eyed children to entertain.

Without me, I hope it will be festive,

But I can’t help think this is excessive,

Even though I am

schizoaffective, It will be a wanting collective.


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