When your Voices Make you Believe you are Possessed

Although I have been on the Path since age 19, I never thought I would start identifying thoughts that were not my own until this year. I always knew I was a bit hot-tempered, had my head up in the clouds and was often distracted, but I just blamed it on old fashioned ADHD, depression and anxiety. At least that’s what the doctors labeled it. I now know why I often felt like I could literally jump the person in front of me and beat them to a pulp. It wasn’t that I was just sensitive to others feelings, I have literally taken on others feelings and energy for years. The sad part it, I didn’t realize until this year that the thoughts that were not my own were indeed, negative souls, low level spirits or entities.

It has taken me more than six months to realize that I have been channeling negative spirits since the death of an ex boyfriend, who died by suicide last September.

It has taken me more than six months to realize that I have been channeling negative spirits since the death of an ex boyfriend, who died by suicide last September. Two months later, I had two traumatic deaths the same day on November 18. I experienced such grief and depression from these last two deaths and it wasn’t until I hit my low that he showed me that he had killed himself.

I think there has to be a time of crisis for energies to move in and I believe he was the one that took over my mind.  I have to thank God, Jesus and Buddha, for allowing me to lift these feelings when I know first hand the diagnosis I would have received: schizophrenia. I know that I channel now with spirits and I know how to stay grounded and protect myself from lower level energies and vibrations. It has taken months of recovery and I feel that this was a metaphysical crisis.  I think that I agree with the new age movement that 2012 marks a period where the walls between the spiritual and the physical worlds will become thinner.  I think that people that are sensitive or diagnosed as ADHD, who self-described as emphats or indigo children, need to be aware of how the lower levels are trying to control the minds and hearts of the weak.

Since my breakthrough, I am visited by spirit daily. I channel with Archangel Michael and other angels and to ascended masters and spirits. This means that my direct relationship to God or my creator has been strengthened and that I now feel my life’s obstacles melt away. Jesus and Buddha continue to be daily visitors and not a day goes by where I do not meditate and pray. I am filled with such awe for life and I strongly belief now more than ever that the after life does exist. I urge anyone that is experiencing stress or trauma to slow down and start keeping tracks of their thought system.  Often, it is easy to listen to thoughts and to own them, but that is how I started and I got caught in my vices that kept my energy level low.

Although I grieve the death of my family and loved ones, I now know how important it is to release their souls and as a friend says, I no longer tell them, “Go into the light,” whenever they bother me, but rather, I ask, “what do you need to rest?” Spirits that leave abruptly leave many unresolved thoughts and feelings and although I never imagined myself to be this, I am now open to the challenges of the after life. Sure, I have a few pesky ghosts that demand my attention, but I am no longer afraid of the dark, no longer afraid of “demons” and I now have the faith that God and the Archangels will whoop some ass on my behalf.

Here is a prayer to Archangel Michael I use daily:

“Archangel Michael, please come to me now.  I need your help with….”

You can also pray to Archangel Gabriel, Metraton and Chamuel. Youtube has many wonderful guided meditations to these Archangels and other ascended masters.  The spiritual world is so vast and it is free.  How we feel about ourselves and our relationship to God, the Creator or All-That-Is, is the most important relationship in our lives. I hope you find this information helpful.



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