A Growing Experience

I was thinking to myself and I started seeing a field of celery heads waving and laughing and shouting at me. I usually get upset and try to push the image away. Garrett told me he kind of has a sense of humor about these things, so I laughed at the image. As Garrett had told me, the whole thing went away. But I didn’t like the way that felt, so I asked the voices what it meant. They gave me the impression that these are the people I imagine are making fun of me. I don’t feel very comfortable with being myself with some people, it’s true. I worry a lot about what they are thinking. The voice said you’re a good person, don’t worry about what others are thinking. I’m going to try to take this advice and grow more self confidence around difficult people.

The other thing that helped was a YouTube video titled psychosis or spiritual awakening? It was a TedTalk from Phil Borges about how some cultures nurture the person who hears voices instead of stuffing them with meds. They treat it as a growing experience. I now see how it can be if we are open to a kind of unusual way of dialoguing. — feeling motivated. ~ Submitted by Anonymous

Phil Borges, TedTalk Speaker


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