Stars and Satellites

My schizophrenia causes me to see drones in the sky. The sun changes into a 30 million dollar mind control/media drone. To me, it’s a government drone that follows me around and films me so people can see. Then the drone will mind control me and everyone around me.

The Stars have all gathered in the sky before and followed me as I walked down the street on a cold, icy night. I thought someone could see me through those out there, but they refuse to do anything but observe at the time.

To me the drones have magical powers. Whenever my medicine isn’t working or I’m not on medicine I experience those drones. That’s how I know I’m doing bad.

When I take medications I don’t see drones, I see the sunshine once again and just stars and satellites in the sky.

But nothing spectacular like what I had been seeing. My voices have told me tall tales about this mind-control drone. I’ve experienced hallucinations where I was the subject of brain mapping, thought experiments and even became a puppet to the voices.

Reannie, she/her, Alaska


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