Featured Poems: “Scream,” “Surrounded,” and “Mock Us” 


Clasp my ears afright and yell

Scream, dig deep, and sink, this hell

Beckoning, entrust my lungs to breathe

I’m sinking down deep, please let this ease

I cry aloud, this is not alright

Will God see this end, and drown my plight?

I scream, dig deep, sunken down this vale

That separates my life, as needs entail

All my might and pleas arise

I’m torn in two, this visage and guise

Can’t fight anymore, my will steers clear

All my hopes

My dreams

Entwined, with fears


Chitter, chatter, and moan away

The voices a cacophony of storms today

Like thunder without lighting, under false pretense

They skitter and scatter like a prismatic defense

Go away, I yell into night

It’s not fun anymore,

They’re just filled with spite

No matter the threat I jab at the void

It touches them not, like a vain empty ploy

When you dance with the shadows

You’ll just get their shade

They were never your friend

It’s you they betray

Mock Us

Laugh along, laugh with us

Taunt and jeer, as what’s done to us

Just when you’d grasped a moment of peace

Vanished, it’s gone

Like a white woolen fleece

You think it’s fun to make us sad?

Then red in the face like anger stab?

Just go away,

I’ll bribe if I must

For some peace of mind,

And the voices soon hushed


It doesn’t take much

Just one peaceful day

To renew your hopes, and it’s anchors away!

Let the peace take root, and soon more will sprout

In the garden of your heart, it’s health you’re about

Pray for those who harm you,

When you just want to hate

Bless those who curse you,

When life’s not going their way

No one is perfect and neither are you,

Just offer grace, a kindly touch

From me, now to you

by Randy Sturdevant


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